Retinent Ltd are pleased to be working with partners who share a similar understanding of the challenge around supporting students into and through higher education.  


We recognise that the start of the journey will often begin with choosing the right course, many students need support to help match their interests and ambitions.  We are not a reseller but will be happy to make an introduction to the Team at STUDENTSPEAK.

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People are prone to make irrational career and education decisions. It is hard to know what you’d love to do unless you try. But trial and error approach often leads to following negative consequences:


      ➔ 40% of the EU students drop out from universities;

      ➔ 61% of the EU students graduate with at least two-year delay;

      ➔ 70% students change their major at least once; 

      ➔ High dropout rate means low customer lifetime value for the Universities.


Studentspeak widget 

Easy to install on-site widget for higher education institutions. It allows university candidates to find out the best fit major based on the results of the 4 minutes psychometric assessment.