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Improving Student Retention

Students need support to achieve their potential and therefore institutions invest in a wide variety of student support services.

Typically,  students access this support either
(i) by self-referral
(ii) by their actions triggering a response

However, neither is ideal.  It would be preferable to be able to target and prioritise the right support on the most vulnerable students.

Resilience+  is a cloud based diagnostic tool that provides a robust and  perceptive measure of an individual student's mental strengths and sensitivities (or Mental Toughness).  This knowledge then allows targeted interventions and services to be delivered to those most in need, before any issues occur.

The Challenge
  • HEIs in the UK lose over £650M a year due to retention failure.

  • Expensive student support resources are not necessarily targeted on those most in need.

  • The normal routes of access to support are by self-referral or when their actions (such as assessment failure or poor attendance) trigger a response – but by this point it may already be too late.

The Solution

The Retinent “Resilience+” programme helps improve student retention by targeting and prioritization of the right support on the most vulnerable students, using a proven mental toughness assessment tool.

The Components of Mental Toughness

There are four major components of Mental Toughness, with several subcomponents.

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