We at Retinent are pleased be working alongside and in support of Mosaik, an NGO working to enable access to higher education for refugees 
  • Mosaik is a start-up non-profit that supports refugees to reach university. Currently, only 3% of refugees are able to access university, compared to a global average enrolment rate of 37%.
  • Mosaik develops academic guidance and language programmes used by refugees in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.
  • The programmes are designed with refugees, made accessible using technology, and delivered in partnership with local community organisations.
  • University lets refugees contribute to local economies, increase their self-sufficiency and help reconstruct the country when they return home.
  • Retinent and our partner business Cormack Consultancy are keen to talk to universities who would be interested in offering online scholarships to enable refugees to gain higher education awards. 
For more information contact: 

ben@mosaik.ngo // +447807487910 (UK, WhatsApp) // +962779740193  (Jordan) // @benwebster20 // www.mosaik.ngo


Want to know more?  Mosaik was selected for the Humanitarian Education Accelerator COVID Rapid Response