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Having had the privilege and experience of managing universities/colleges, we are only too aware that employability of students is an increasingly important measure for your institution. 


We recognise that your University or College will currently offer support to students to develop individual employability skills.  However, like all HE and FE institutions, you are under increasing pressure to achieve high employability rates once the student has graduated.  In response to this demand and to help ease the pressure on the educational establishments, Retinent has developed the Employability+ programme.  

Our solution supports your institution to focus on the development of employability skills for students.  The programme both empowers individuals to develop in particular areas and allows you, the institution, to offer targeted support to enhance the individual’s profile.

The Employability+ programme utilises a test which builds on the MTQ48 test we offer for Resilience+, and creates a profile of the student, identifying areas where support is needed.  To do this we use a new tool called Carrus.  Carrus is a tool designed in conjunction with over 500 employers to assess employability aptitudes and thus identify areas for development.  A key element is Mental Toughness (as described in Resilience+), supplemented by further questionnaire analysis covering:

Product Summary

Employabilty+ is an online aptitude and resilience analysis tool which identifies individual strengths and weaknesses and enables targeted support and development. Improved employability outcomes are a demonstrated deliverable ​

Employability Key Qualities

The programme focuses on key qualities which describe Employability. Our research with almost 500 employers showed that, with Mental Toughness, these are the core areas in which they are most interested. Qualities which are consistently associated with performance, wellbeing and the quickest transition into new and different roles.


From the individual’s perspective, this identifies the qualities they should develop and demonstrate that will, both, prepare them best for the world of work and enhance their employability. This is very transferable from job to job.


From the employers perpective, Carrus assesses those attributes which produce “good attitude and behaviour”.

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