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 Resilience+ (MTQ48)

the online assessment is quick, it takes less than 10 minutes, don't think too long and hard about each question, it is simply your immediate thoughts that count.

To try the test we will have sent you a separate link via email



coaching report

this report provides individual's scores, a narrative description, and potential implications for study/work.

Each narrative has a list of suggested coaching or development actions that the tutor/ coach can consider for application with the candidates

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example distance travelled report

this comparison report is based on a current and a previous assessment for an individual. It highlights areas in which an individual's ten scores have changed or remained the same after a period of time and/or a period of training and development.



development report

upon completion of Resilience+(MTQ48) you will receive an email with your report.

We can manage how these reports are shared.



assessor report

provides the individual's scores, a narrative description and potential implications for study/work. In addition a list of suggested questions is provided to enable a tutor/coach to probe the area. 

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cohort data

created from data gathered from individuals who form a particular group. The report takes the form of histograms of the patterns of scores for individuals who form the selected group.

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