What We Do

Retinent works with your University or college to help identify students who are most likely to need support and may be vulnerable to withdrawing early from their studies.  We do this through several solutions;

student retention

Resilience+ uses an online assessment tool to identify which students most need support to enhance retention and optimise performance, before any problems occur. Identified individual interventions are provided to enhance students’ outcomes.

With Resilience+ your institution has the opportunity to reduce student dropout by up to 50%, while improving student performance and satisfaction.  

career readiness

Employabilty+ this tool helps students find the right career that suits their strengths, skills and personality.  This is an online aptitude and resilience analysis tool which identifies individual strengths and opportunities and enables targeted support via identified interventions . Improved employability outcomes are a demonstrated deliverable


interactive learning

Hypersay+ is a new, easy to deploy system that allows Universities/Colleges and lecturers to monitor and understand the performance and comprehension of students in a “one to many” lecture environment.

This application allows your lecturers to upload their regular presentation, videos, audio clips and turn them into a single complete interactive session.  It allows students to view, take notes, even review lectures and presentations on any device at any time.

An Enterprise version of the application will be coming soon.

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