How does it work?



Upload your presentation (ppt / pptx / odp file) to your account and we’ll store it for you in the cloud.

Add interaction

Under each slide you can easily add quizzes/polls, open questions, share videos and add extra content.

Share the code

When you upload a ppt you automatically receive a unique code.  Share that with your audience so that they can connect with your presentation

Go Live!
  • Audience Insights - see who is paying attention.

  • Live slide sharing - participants have instant access to your slides and you control which slide is available on their devices

  • Engage the participants - encourage participants to answer questions/polls you have set up.

  • Private notes - all participants can take notes connected to the slide.  All notes are private.

  • Q and A Wall - Participants get to ask questions and upvote their peers questions.  You, the presenter, see all questions and decide which you will answer.

Want to see more?  See the video link below
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