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Our background

Established in 2016, Retinent Ltd aims to improve student retention, improve engagement and enhance employability outcomes. 

Our Expertise

We work with universities and colleges to understand the underlying issues around student non-continuation.  We do this through a combination of consultancy and solutions

Meet the team

We are a small dedicated group of colleagues who care about the core issues facing higher education and what it takes to support student success.

Established in 2016 Retinent Ltd are experts in Higher Education with a specific focus on Student Success through improving retention, engagement and employability.

It is important to raise retention rates for three overarching reasons:

  1. for personal achievement

  2. to achieve national competitiveness in a global economy

  3. to bring about equity

Students new to higher education need to be supported in order to gain the most out of their choice to study, young entrants leave behind significant support systems typically found in schools and sixth form colleges while mature entrants arrive with a distant memory of the prior learning experience.

Retinent Ltd believe that if the students could be identified early enough and supported then they will personally benefit from their time in higher education and make a positive contribution to the economy and society later in life.

Our Reslience+ tool supports institutions to identify students most at risk of withdrawing and through the right intervention can support them to be successful.

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